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Executive Liaison to Owner/Proprietor

Job Description:

We are seeking an executive assistant for the Albuquerque-based Owner/Proprietor of our establishment. Experience is welcome, but not imperative -- our fearless leader is willing to take a chance on someone who's got what it takes. You could say he sees things in people.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone hoping to learn the ins and outs of building an empire. Must have an interest in business and negotiation. Late nights and travel may be required with little or no notice.

Required Skills:
  • A "will-do-anything" (and we do mean ANYTHING) attitude
  • Professionalism and discretion -- must have the ability to hide in plain sight when needed
  • Knowledge of logistics and shipping across international borders
  • Attention to detail -- as personal assistant to our Owner/Proprietor, you must never make the same mistake twice
  • Supervising the corporate security team
  • Maintaining relationships with local community organizations including police and fire departments, the DEA, and retirement homes among others
  • Screening phone calls, inquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate
  • Conducting background research and presenting findings
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Restaurant Manager

Job Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Manage, train and discipline employees
  • Order supplies as needed
  • Interview candidates for potential employment; must be a good judge of character
  • Organize and oversee community outreach programs
  • Coordinate marketing and promotional campaigns to entice customers and keep them coming back for more
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Fry Cook

Job Responsibilities and Duties:
  • In charge of making sure something delicious is always cooking
  • Assist with unpacking deliveries and storing supplies in the kitchen and storage area
  • Make sure all orders are up to Los Pollos Hermanos standards
  • Cook each order with the love and care that every family deserves
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Truck Driver / Transportation Logistics

Job Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Pick up and transport products and supplies, including our famous fry batter, from our local farms and suppliers just south of the border to locations throughout the US
  • Go above and beyond to provide the best service for our patrons
  • Be able to take direction and initiative, no questions asked
  • Own a Class B license
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